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Pelikan K205 Petrol Blue Ballpoint

€99.20 (including VAT) €80.00 (excluding VAT)

The Pelikan Classic K205 ballpoint is an unexpected and free flowing symbiosis of colourful marbled material. Flowing one into the other of pearly-shining elements together with a bright colour pigment creates this eyecatching pen. The petrol-colour combines blue and green to enhance a beautiful harmony. Each and every pen has its own fascination.

All decoration elements of this series as rings and clip are highly polished and shiny-silver-colored. The Classic 205 series Petrol Marbled is equipped with a push mechanism for easy handling.

Pelikan offers coveted objects of desire: Elegant writing instruments distinguished by a supreme sense of style. Whether as exceptional collector\'s pieces, cherished gifts or items of timeless beauty, their spirit will inspire.

Uncommon materials and singular design. Fine writing instruments find admirers among connoisseurs and casual users alike. It\'s nearly always love at first sight - or first stroke. Fascination and passion, far more than the sum of its parts. Finely crafted in more than 300 individual steps, a testimony to dedication, precision and perfection. Designed to inspire.


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