Sailor 1911 naginata togi black RT Fountain pen

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€577.15 (including VAT) €465.44 (excluding VAT)

Sailor\'s Craftsmen, specialising in writing performance using inherited traditional skills have been working on special nibs.

Sailor is well renowned for producing high quality nibs and have a great reputation around the globe.

Outstanding writing performance can be expected from these masterpieces created by Sailor\'s craftsmen.

In Naginata Togi nibs there is a impressive line variation. To write Kanji style a thin line can be written by holding the pen upright. A thicker line can be made by holding the pen at an angle.

Special nib: 21K solid gold nibs with the engraved anchor mark of quality

Cap ring: Engraved metallic cap ring infilled with resin using the special Cloisonne technique. Specially engraved cap signfies Special nib...

All pens with special nibs come with a special case, containing ink cartridges 2 pieces (black), converter, cleaning cloth, booklet for the special nibs and instruction.

Trims: rhodium plated

Length closed: 14,1cm

Weight: 25gr with no converter

Warranty: 1 year


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