Graf Von Faber Castell Fountain pen Pen of the Year 2019 Ruthenium Samurai

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note: The pen is assembled by Graf Von Faber Castell as soon as you order it. We send this pen within 10 days of the date of your order You will receive an untouched pen in a sealed box from Graf Von Faber Castell\'s factory

Courage and self-discipline – the samurai were driven by lofty virtues.

The Pen of the Year 2019 was inspired by their era, spanning several centuries, by the aesthetics of their weapons and by their mindset.

The black lacquered metal barrel of the Black Edition, with its decorative 24-carat-gold plating, evokes the elaborately ornate armour made from individual plates.

The barrel made of dark-stained magnolia wood is reminiscent of the Samurais\' long swords (katanas).

Their sheath and handle were made of untreated magnolia wood.


Barrel made of of dark-stained magnolia wood featuring an engraving in 24-carat gold varnish

The quote Today I win against myself of yesterday is by Miyamoto Musashi

A metal plate, engraved with the gold plated (24 carat gold) Japanese character for samurai, adorns the cap

The end cap is engraved with the symbol created by Musashi for the word tsuba (hand guard)

The cap and the handle are coated in ruthenium

Fitted with a ruthenium-plated 18-carat gold nib, inscribed by hand

Individually numbered writing instruments

Exclusive, brightly polished black wooden box with an attractive brochure and a certificate of authenticity

An additional insert offers space for six more writing instruments

Limited to 400 pieces


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