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Graf Von Faber Castell Pen of the year 2010 Walnut Wood fountain pen

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Inspired by valuable historic hunting rifles, the Pen of the Year 2010 combines the craftsman’s secret art of case hardening, engravings and gold inlays with beautiful Caucasian walnut wood.

Platinum-plated metal parts and an 18-carat bicolour gold nib, carefully ‘run in’ by hand, round off this numbered edition.

Its special qualities are not the only reason why the walnut tree produces some of the most valuable of woods. It is not enough to fell the trees: the stumps have to be dug out, because the best figured wood is in the roots that go deep into the ground. No other tree warrants this time-consuming excavation. Appropriately, the walnut has always possessed something of a mystic aura. Its majestic bearing and prolific cropping meant that it was associated with royalty and fertility.

On seeing the pen one immediately notices the case-hardened metal parts and the fine engravings. Until the late 19th century, case hardening was the sign of a high-quality gun, with the inimitable shimmering coloration it provides. For centuries, the technique was handed down by word of mouth and was something of a secret art. The metal parts are usually packed in carbonized leather and heated to convert the surface into steel; the colours appear on cooling. Some 20 parameters contribute to the beautiful visual effect, including the thickness of the metal, the temperature, and the rate of cooling.

Each pen is individually numbered on the head of the plunger mechanism

18-carat bicolour gold nib, "run in" by hand

Available in three nib widths: M, F and B

The pen is sold in an exclusive wooden case and is accompanied by a beautifully designed booklet and a limited edition certificate

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