Santini Italia Libra Sicily RP 18k flexy nib piston filler pen

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Libra: the perfect classic! (place your order now! available from 15 March 2020

Yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum, and it is the most noticeable of all colors by the human eye. It means happiness and optimism; it is the color of sun shining, or bright light and creativity. ... It is the color of high energy, enthusiasm, hope, fun, and cheerfulness.

length: 152 mm

cap diameter: 17mm

weight: 31 gr.

material: machined acrylic resin

feeder: ebonite

piston filling system

rhodium plated trims

nib: gold 18Kt size 6

Made 100% in Italy
Santini Italia flexy gold nib: flexy gold nib goes through many stamping and laminating steps, to reach a half of the thickness of the regular one, the hole at the end of the slit in the middle of the nib, is positioned further back than the regulars one. With a little pressure of your hand, with F Flexy nib, you can go from F to M & Broad size. The best performance of flexy nib is only with the special ebonite feeder expressly made for it. The reason is that an easy and quick flexibility requires a bigger and constant flow of ink. Santini nibs are made of a 18 kt solid gold and requires more than 16 manual steps before being tried at the last step, when touching the ink. Starting from the small squared gold piece, which is laminated in several steps, to make its flexible tip yet solid but his body thin and elastic, and one micro bead of Iridium, smaller than a millimeter is welded on its tip. The Iridium is a metal more precious than gold and so durable that will allow you to write the whole life. To complete the body of the nib Santini cut it in half with a spinning blade thinner than a human hair.... The most precious thing is the hand of skilled craftsman, who passionately and fully manually try the tip of the nib smoothing with wisdom and experience its tip into countless positions of his hand with one ambition: to make you write with pleasure.

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