Platinum Vicoh Kazanawa #20 white & red flowers PTL-20000 Fountain pen

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spring & autumn flowers together!

The thin and delicate design gives a novel and nostalgic feel.

The pen nib made of K18 gold with the form always loved, falls comfortably in place in ones hand when held.

Thus, it naturally draws one to write on the paper.

We think to write beautiful letters, you need to express your true feelings straight from your heart.

We hope through our “Vicoh” series, one is enabled to personify a peaceful life through a beautiful smooth writing experience.

It matches perfectly with a barrel of Japanese traditional craft such as Kanazawa-haku (gold leaf) and it is a sound fountain pen that delivers the spirit of Wa (harmony).
Kanazawa Leaf craftworks are the culmination f brilliant skills, which have been handed down from one to the next generation of leaf craftcraftsmen, who carefully finish each and every piece of leaf craft products by hand, supported by a diverse supply of Kanazawa leafs including gold and silver leafs, in the wealth of tradition and culture of the ancient city Kanazawa.

139mm (Full length)

16.7g Weight

Body with as resin with Urushi Coating

Platinum made in Japan

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