Namiki Nippon Art maki-e Mt. Fuji & Dragon FN-35SM-FR Fountain Pen

Reference: FN35SMFR
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The Nippon Art Collection takes traditional Japanese and auspicious subjects known the world over, such as “Mt. Fuji”, “Hagoita (battledore)”, and “Origami”, and has them drawn on a black lacquered background in Hira Maki-e (Flat Maki-e).

The shiny black of the lacquer, along with the overflowing vibrancy from each work makes it a sight to behold.

Artisan name: Kokkokai

Pen nib: size: No.5(14K)

Article number: FN-35SM-FR

converter con70

length closed: 14,2cm

weight: 20gr

lifetime warranty

Technique: Hira Maki-e. The hira maki-e technique, which dates from the latter part of the Heian period (794–1185), was preceded by togidashi maki-e, a technique in which not only the design but the whole surface is covered with clear lacquer after the sprinkling of metal powder; the lacquer is then polished down to reveal the design.

Ultimate decorative beauty: Maki-e fountain pens using the traditional lacquer work of "Maki-e". The fine designs by the craftsmen are indeed the crystals of Japanese beauty.

Japanese lacquer: Lacquer is an excellent varnish which has been used in Japan since ancient times. Not only does it possess strong and durable qualities, the more it is used, the more gracefully it fits into your hand while retaining its beautiful charm.

Care put into the fountain pen nib: At Namiki, we produce the pen points, as well as fountain pen nibs here at our company. Placing value on writing touch and quality of the fountain pen is something our company strongly believes in.

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