Visconti Erotic Art Limited Edition Giacomo Casanova Fountain Pen

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Number: 1798/1998

The Visconti Giacomo Casanova The Erotic Art Pen.

Fountain Pen honoring the Erotic Art Museum in Hamburg and the 200th anniversary of Giacomo Casanova.

The liberal laws of the zone still exist, the main business still is focused on "Love for Sale". But more and more other successful operations were developed during the last twenty years.

The world famous architects Alsop & Stoermer of London has rebuilt a former hat production site, where the continuously growing collection of erotic art is now shown on more then 3.000 sqm. The suddenly empty building in Bernhard Nocht Strasse is now supposed to stage "private art" and it was a kind of Lucky Strike that Claus Becker exactly in this moment was approached by Friedrich C: Jensen and Tom Westerich.

As a result, the first exhibition within the new "privartmuseum" was to be the International pen exhibition "Lust beim Schreiben" (literlly translated "Lust whie writing….") showing a mixture of historic Pens, ephera ads and autographs of famous historic persons. The whole groundfloor was turned into a pen museum. Here within this sensual environment, Visconti was asked to develop the Erotic Art Pen.

The first prototypes were presented during the exhibition, but the instant success of the pen and it\'s concept forced Visconti to develop a bigger international edition. Now, in may 1998, Visconti will present the final version of the pen, honoring the Erotic Art Museum in Hamburg as well as the one famous erotic artist, Giacomo Casanova, who in 1998 would have been 200 years old.

A limited edition of 1,069 pieces in solid silver and black lucite produced.

The pen features a high vacuum power filler system, two tone gold nib and an exceptional matching travel inkwell.


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