Wancher True Urushi Black stainless steel nib fountain pen

€350.00 (including VAT) €282.26 (excluding VAT)

Each creation of the Urushi art piece requires a lot of time and skills. And you can feel the dedication of an artisan when you touch and feel the quality of the final product.

Urushi lacquer is applied with a brush to an object by the hand of a traditional craftsman. After the careful application of many layers of Urushi and ornamentation, Urushi brings great protection for the art piece as it makes the object able to withstand erosion from water, acids, alcohol, and changes in weather conditions.

Every single pen is painted by the hands of Japanese craftsmen in Wajima.

The creation of an Urushi fountain pen takes a least 3 months or even longer to make sure the final piece of art is at its most beautiful finish.

Material & art: Ebonite, Urushi

Filling mechanism: Converter or Cartridge (European International Standard)

Nib: #6 Jowo stainless steel

Feed: Plastic

Compact air-tight cap: Preven dried-out ink problem

Weight in gr: 26

Length closed in cm: 15.3

Made in Japan

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