Sailor - Wancher Professional Gear 21K Gold Mocha Brown Fountain Pen

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€359.00 (including VAT) €289.52 (excluding VAT)

A fountain pen "Professional Gear 21K Mocha Brown" that combines a smart and fashionable model "Professional Gear" with a sophisticated and contemporary design in a tasteful and attractive color "Mocha Brown" while having a solid transparency. ".

"Mocha Brown" is an image of sweet scented Mocha coffee brewed in the early morning when the sun shines. This is an attractive limited edition model with an indescribable scent trapped in a fountain pen. In addition, the gold decoration creates a unified fountain pen. It is a special "Professional Gear 21K Mocha Brown" fountain pen that gently and gently soaks into your body when you get up and relaxes your tired body during busy work. Details Mechanism: Cartridge / converter dual-use type Material: PMMA resin / transparent Length: 129 mm (when not in use) / 149 mm (when writing) Thickness: 13 mm / 18 mm (maximum) Weight: 21 g Accessories: Converter, ink cartridge, instruction manual, warranty card, genuine case


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