Parker Duofold Centennial 100th Anniversary Big Red Founta

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Duofold 100 pays tribute to the bold and progressive spirit of the 1920\'s with a modern interpretation!

2021 marks 100 years since the launch of the iconic Parker Duofold and Parker proudly honours the traditions of this fine writing instrument with the release of this Lapis Lazuli .

The Duofold 100 is made up of coloured resins which have been sliced and bonded together twice to create the stunning striped aesthetic.

The inspiration of the finish dates back to the original Big Red pen from 1927.

The technique is called diffusion bonding.

It allows layers of material to be joined without the use of solvents or adhesives.

Each pen remarkably contains around 300 individual pieces

Featuring an 18 carat solid gold bi-tonal rhodium plated nib with unique engraving to mark this landmark anniversary.

Classic Duofold gold plated rings.

Signature Parker arrow clip.

Made in France

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