Sailor Stellar Black Hole Pro Gear limited edition fountain pen

Sailor Stellar Black Hole Pro Gear limited edition fountain pen

Reference: 11-8682-420
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limited to 1.200 pieces

A stellar black hole (or stellar-mass black hole) is a black hole formed by the gravitational collapse of a star.

They have masses ranging from about 5 to several tens of solar masses.

The process is observed as a hypernova explosion or as a gamma ray burst.

These black holes are also referred to as collapsars.

The new, Sailor Stellar Black Hole is inspired by and named after a phenomenon that creates widespread wonder and fascination: the Black Hole.

The body and finial are space black with various speckles like an explosion of extraterrestrial dust, while the cap is a warm golden yellow with golden glitter like stars spread across the surface.

Stellar Black Hole by Sailor is a Pro Gear Standard size that features golden accents and a bi-color 21K gold nib that offers an effortlessly smooth writing experience.

Nib: 21K Gold with Gold, Rhodium plating, two tone

Type: Converter & Cartridge type

Material: PMMA Resin

Weight: 1.1 lbs

Ink Converter Capacity: 0.7mL

Trim: Gold

Cap Type: Threaded

Postable: Yes

Weight - Capped: 27.6g

Weight - Uncapped: 16.3g

Length - Capped: 119.8mm

Length - Uncapped: 106.8mm

Length - Posted: 135.0mm

Diameter - Cap (w/o clip): 13.3mm

Diameter - Cap (w/ clip): 16.2mm

Diameter - Body: 11.6mm

Diameter - Grip: 9.0 – 10.3mm

This Sailor Writing Instrument is warranted against original factory defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase from the original and Sailor Authorised retailer/vendor where the instrument was obtained. Should this instrument be found to have such a defect, it should be returned complete with all pen parts to the original and Sailor authorised retailer/vendor for processing. This original stamped/dated warranty document or the original sales receipt for the instrument must accompany the pen for any warranty or repair claims. This warranty does not cover any defects or damage as a result of misuse, abuse, neglect, accidental damage, tampering, and loss of original parts or reasonable wear and tear of normal use (which will be determined by Sailor). In such cases the standard repair and /or parts replacement charges will apply. This warranty is not applicable to product originally purchased through unauthorised retailer/vendors.

An anchor is a symbol of trust and hope; the ancient Greek word for anchor means “bent arm”, and ancient figures have felt the invisible mysterious energy and the blessing of God in the strong anchor that powerfully holds the ship. For this reason, the anchor has been and will continue to be a symbol of the Sailor Pen. By keeping the “anchor” motif, which is a symbol of hope and trust, and incorporating the strength of technology and delicate Japanese aesthetics into the logo mark, it can be sublimated to the present day with the spirit of the early days of its founding, and to the future.
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