Wancher Aizu Urushi Koma Nuri fountain pen (stainless steel nib)

Wancher Aizu Urushi Koma Nuri fountain pen (stainless steel nib)

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As you might have known from our Sekai collection, Aizu Urushi is one of the oldest and most famous lacquerware in Japan. Originated from Aizu - a region of heavy snowfalls, Aizu Urushi has a history of over 9000 years.

Koma-nuri is a Urushi technique where a pattern is created by painting concentrically with multiple color Urushi such as Black, Red, and Yellow.

In Japanese, the word (Koma) refers to a spinning top toy, and the name (Koma-nuri) originates from that.

Creating such smoothly rounding patterns with Urushi requires a lot of skills as well as attention.

Sometimes, if the painting doesn\'t turn smoothly, there is no choice but the work has to be done over again.

Artwork that is made with this technique is said to be lucky charms for a prosperous business and an abundant life.

Base material: POM

Art: Aizu Urushi, Koma-nuri

Filling mechanism: Converter or Cartridge (European International Standard)

Nib: #6 Jowo stainless steel

Feed: Plastic

Compact air-tight cap: Preven dried-out ink problem

Length closed; 15,4

Length of the cap in cm: 6,8

Length of the body in cm: 13,3

Central diameter in cm: 1,55

Weight in gr: 31

Each Urushi fountain pen is handcrafted with no two pieces exactly alike, which is a valuable characteristic of hand-crafted art. Therefore, the pen that you received might be slightly different from the prototype pictures, yet, at the same time, it will be a unique artwork of your own

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