Pelikan M800 Souveran 40 years limited edition fountain pen

Pelikan M800 Souveran 40 years limited edition fountain pen

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Including 1 limited ink bottle 4001 Dark Green.

There is a virtue that has distinguished all Souveran®- family writing instruments since 1982. This virtue is called permanence. Not everyone can adapt and still remain true to who they are. It demands a strong character and uniqueness. The quintessential Pelikan stripes, for instance, are an unmistakable symbol of the Souveran® brand. For decades, they have been a source of fascination for fans around the world. The black-and-green striped anniversary icon pays tribute to this classic status befitting a sovereign. With a new special limited edition, it rekindles old desires – desires that will never fade.

It attests to permanence and complete harmony. In Asian cultures, the eight is even a harbinger of prosperity. This anniversary edition is limited to 888 pieces worldwide, with each one’s individual serial number certifying its uniqueness. An object of endless desirability. A highlight of this spectacular Limited Edition in the Souveran size M800 is the golden ring. The fine lines are diamond-ground and highlight the significance of the quintessential Souveran® striped design. They run up and down this highly desirable writing instrument with endless grace. It is an icon of the utmost elegance that combines the intricate details befitting a limited edition.

The metal logo at the tip of the cap is certain to draw attention, not least with its subtly engraved lines finished with green lacquer. This legendary detail is how Pelikan reestablishes that time-old emotional connection. It includes a curved, beak-like clip, the quintessential trademark of all premium Pelikan writing instruments

This classic, flagship product is cloaked in unique pinstripes, the quintessential sign of the Souveran® brand. The meticulously produced striped material is made to measure by the masters. Each stripe possesses individual nuances; none is like the other. These premium, unique markings are a true expression of endlessness.

The artistic nibs are the crowning glory of every premium Pelikan fountain pen. For decades, experienced craftspeople have handmade these nibs and used their rare skill to perfect them. This limited edition is crowned by an 18-karat gold nib embossed with exceptional filigree. Each stroke on the paper promises an extraordinarily smooth writing experience. Quintessentially Pelikan.

An original cube with a special effect: Pull up the handle of the luxurious gift box with black stripes and let the sides unfold. This limited edition will radiate as if it were on stage. A flacon of dark-green Pelikan Ink 4001® bearing an anniversary label features as an accompaniment. The golden badge contains an engraving of the individual serial number


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