Pininfarina Aero Blue with Ethergraf pen NP01578KRE

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ETHERGRAF, the modern heir of Silverpoint, is an innovative metal alloy which leaves a light and romantic mark like graphite, but timeless like ink.

Design meets technology, tradition and innovation to give birth to PININFARINA AERO. The futuristic body made of exclusive aerospace materials and forged according to the principle of torsion, moulds matter evoking the infinity symbol. In a contrast to it, a rough base in unrefined concrete. Different materials, opposites that complement and attract each other to give life to a new chapter in the story of Pininfarina Segno: a tool that overcomes the barrier of time, exploring new expressive galaxies.


• Tip in Ethergraf alloy

• Length 16 cm

• Diameter 1 cm

• Weight 17 gr (The indicated weight refers to the single stem)

• Body in aerospace aluminium

• Base in unrefined concrete

• Packaging size 19,3 x 4 x 4,7 cm

• Carton box

• Total weight with base 310 gr

• Designed by Pininfarina

The ETHERGRAF tip takes inspiration from the special technique of the silver tip, used by Leonardo da Vinci. Created thanks to the cooperation with leading Italian researchers, it takes advantage of the oxidation caused by the friction between paper and metal tip, bringing it to a new level. Conceived, realized and hand-forged in Italy, ETHERGRAF is the hallmark of our styluses. The ETHERGRAF tip microscopically “scratches” paper, oxidizing it and thus leaving a light but precise mark. Thanks to its porosity, common paper - that is to say paper in non-treated cellulose - perfectly reacts to the passage of the metal tip.

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