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A Limited Edition to celebrate Leonardo’s 500th anniversary

- Body material Aluminium body with fragrant Lebanon cedar inserts

- Basement material fragrant Lebanon cedar inserts case with display function

- Tip ink ballpoint

- Body dimensions Lenght 160mm – diameter 10mm

- Body weight 39gr

- Packaging Carton box

- Overall dimensions Lenght 200mm – Width 55mm - Height 30mm

- Overall weight 200-240gr depending on wood type

This Pininfarina Cambiano limited edition celebrates Leonardo’s genius in his scientific approach to drawing. According to Da Vinci, the observation of natural phenomena and their representation on paper is an instrument of knowledge able to naturally connect disciplines that are very distant from each other. Artist, scientist, engineer and humanist, Leonardo had a multifaceted personality nourished by an ever-evolving curiosity. His seemingly un-math-related famous Self-Portrait and Portrait of a Woman were actually realized according to the expanding pattern of a logarithmic spiral. This mathematical figure, emblem of the golden ratio, is recurrent in nature, from the structure of a simple shell to the shape of galaxies, and it is a universal symbol of perfection.

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