Rohrer & Klingner water colour for artists 12ml pipette bottle White

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liquid water colour on acrylic base. The novel composition allows easy handling and economical dosing.

All shades, apart from Black and White, incorporate organic pigments of great lightfastness and beautiful nuances. The acrylic binding agent is clear and colourless. As an innovation, we offer our water colours in pipette bottles for a precise and clean removal of colour helpings.

With the binding and diluting agent being the same ingredient, it is possible to solubilize the colour up to one day after it has dried. Even longer periods can be achieved with our dilutable “Drying Restrainer” supplement.

Despite the liquidity of the colour the pigments are highly concentrated to maintain the brilliance when the supplements are applied. Undiluted applications, especially of blue shades, may bronze when they dry. Due to the high specific weight of inorganic ultramarine pigments, we replaced this tone with Royal Blue. Thanks to the pigments’ affinity to the paper, the colours show both great mobility and a tendency for clear contours when applied. This is especially helpful for wet-on-wet glazes.

The dilutable “Gloss intensifier” supplement increases the concentration of binding agent. Used in smaller doses, it can also attenuate the background’s suction.

The lightfastness stated is based on standardised measurement routines. Note that thin layers on paper are more light sensitive than covering applications.

You can maximise the lifetime of the colours by closing the bottles directly after removing colour helpings and by keeping the bottleneck clean.

Use: The water colour is ready for immediate use but should be shaken beforehand.


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