Kaweco Ice Sport Mechanical Pencil - 0.7 mm - Blue Body 10000235

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the Kaweco slogan: "Small in the pocket, great in the hand"

Translucent stands for the idea "to make the invisible visible".

As early as the twenties Kaweco representatives were already equipped with a writing instrument cross section pen model.

These cross section models were made by cutting serial products in half in order to make the interior mechanisms more visible.

However, this process became unnecessary in the fifties through the further development of the injection moulding technique.

Translucent models were produced.

The Kaweco ICE Sport has the same characteristics and comes in a colourful variety.

The Mechanical pencil is made of high quality plastic

The pencil has a line width of 0.7 mm.

His high-quality and precise mechanism comes from Japan.

The Kaweco replacement mines is available in hardness grade HB.

Writing System: Mechanical Pencil

Material: Plastic

Colour: Blue

Length: 11 cm

Weight: 12 g

Warranty: 2 years

Special metal gift box


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