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ONLINE Brush Pencil 2mm (HB)

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Brush Pencil, 2.0 mm retractable pencil (HB), made of bamboo, in bamboo case

Brush Pencil – for more personality and creativity.

The form of the Brush Pencil is reminiscent of traditional writing implements from the Far East, the brush.

Shaped from bamboo, the 2.0 mm retractable pencil (HB) has a great look and feel and is ideally suited to any kind of sketching and lettering and encourages the revival of handwriting.

Whether sketchnoting, lettering or calligraphy – writing by hand becomes a true delight when using the Brush Pencil.

With integrated sharpener and eraser.

The perfect gift with sustainable enjoyment in ist bamboo case.

Size:141 x 10 x 10 mm

Weight: 62 gr

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