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It's not a common lead holder, it’s Sostanza. It’s warm like a wooden pencil, ergonomic and rechargable. Made by just two pieces, simple and clever, its form naturally follows function.

Eastern black walnut originates from North America, but has been imported in Europe through the years, where is now available throughout the continent. The wood appears brown with dark grains. The silver ring is casted and then refined by polished grey rhodium plating.

Wood: The main body is made of wood with a lovely natural finishing. The essences have been selected based on their firmness and resistance to deformation..

Silver: The ring is made by casting technique and then refined by hand. The different finishes protect the metal from natural oxidation and define the aesthetic of each Sostanza..

Graphite: The lead is 2 mm size, you can choose the firmness you prefer in every stationary shop. It can be sharpened by using the apposite tool or rubbing it on sandpaper..

Sostanza is designed and made entirely in Italy. Excellent goldsmith's laboratories and woodworking centers and are involved into the production process..

Wood is a living material, it changes aspect throughout time and with repetitive use. Each piece has different grains and shades that makes it unique..

Sostanza is intuitive and easy to use, it proves that a simple tool can be beautiful and work well with very little..

Length in cm: 15.

Weight in gr: 7.


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