Kaweco Classic Sport Clutch Pencil 3,2 Green 10000501

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the Kaweco slogan: "Small in the pocket, great in the hand"

With the Kaweco Sport something special was created in 1911.

A pocket pen that only measured 10,5 cm when closed and therefore came in handy as an every day carry item.

When placing the cap on the barrel, the pen measured 13 cm.

Back in the days it was advertised for ladies, gentlemen and sportsmen.

One of the most famous users was Sepp Herberger.

The former coach of the German national football team put his winning tactics, which led to the world championship title in 1954, with his Kaweco Sport on the paper.

Today\'s series Classic Sport was inspired by these historical roots.

The series consists of classic and historical colours and it stands out, due to the gold-plated steel nib, a golden coloured logo cap and a premium golden hot foil stamping.

Material: plastic

Length: 10,5cm

Weight: 12g

Colour: green

Writing System: Clutch mechanical pencil

Refill: leads 3,2mm

Warranty: 2 years.


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