Francesco Rubinato

The story of the Company’s success starts with the long lasting family tradition and interest in writing tools of Francesco Rubinato – owner of the company Rubinato s.r.l. – The roots go back to his granfather and to his father who owned a stationery shop in Treviso downtown.

Francesco Rubinato’s passion for ancient writing tools together with the possession of a very valuable collection of original documents of the XVII and XVIII centuries, vintage nibs, inks and fountain pens, led to the idea of taking inspiration from those treasures of the past and bring them back for the use of the customers of nowadays.

There ia a great variety of gift boxes, writing sets, calligraphic inks and classic desk accessories such as inkwells, blotters, pen-stands. All objects are made in Italy by expert craftsmen, and many are made on their original design. The Company’s success is the result of a philosophy that privileged technologic update, research of quality and valorization of human resources.

List of products by brand FRANCESCO RUBINATO

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