Kwz Inks

The KWZ are handmade inks made in Poland by Konrad Zurawski. KWZ inks with his own words:

"I create inks for fountain pens since 2012. It all started when I decided to improve the saturation in one of my inks. During browsing forums and websites I came across various information about self-made iron-gall inks. I found that I should also try and soon after that I prepared my first iron-gall ink.

Over time, I began to enrich inks I prepared with interesting colors, and tuned ink’s properties.Creating inks is a great hobby. The possibility of creating ink of almost any color and setting properties of such ink according to my discretion gives a lot of satisfaction. Making new inks is not always easy, sometimes many attempts have to be made before specific color or property is achieved.

There were many hard moments when well thought out formula didn’t give expected result or it came out as unstable and ink quickly degraded. But overall ink making is occupation that gives us plenty of satisfaction.

Production of inks on a large scale is not my goal, but instead we will focus on creating inks a little less common, something which can not be found elsewhere.

I create my inks from scratch, by mixing raw chemicals which as a result give fountain pen ink. To ensure myself a bit of comfort during and increase repeatability in production of inks I introduced number of improvements to my lab, but most of the work in the production of inks is still done by hand."

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