Conway Stewart is a British brand of fountain pens that was established in 1905. The brand has a rich history of producing high-quality pens that are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, elegant designs, and attention to detail.

One of the most iconic Conway Stewart pens is “Churchill”, which is named after British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The Churchill pen features a distinctive torpedo shape.

Conway Stewart pens are highly sought after by pen enthusiasts and collectors, and the brand has a reputation for producing some of the finest writing instruments in the world. The brand has won numerous awards for its pens, including the Best Fountain Pen of the Year award at the London Pen Show in 2018.

Although the original Conway Stewart company closed its doors in 2014, the brand was revived in 2016 by a group of pen enthusiasts who were passionate about preserving its legacy. Today, Conway Stewart pens are once again being made to the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship that made them famous in the first place.

Their new models are made of high-quality resin, and they provide a superb writing experience due to their 18K gold nibs that are also available in very unique writing widths such as Medium-Italic, Fine-Italic and help their users to explore new aspects of their handwriting. Remarkable is their limited-edition fountain pens, associated with prominent figures of Great Britain.

List of products by brand CONWAY STEWART

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