Founded in Japan, a country with a long history of handwriting and fountain pen. Wancher created the writing collection to honor the art of writing.

Each of Wancher writing instruments not only embodies the essence of arts, designs, and quality craftsmanship but also focus on delivering the best writing experience.

Wancher cherishes various arts from around the globe, and amaze the world with unique products created from exceptional features of different cultures and arts.

Wancher products are authentic, unique, and created with real traditional values. Each wiring instrument you are holding is truly a piece of history.

The name Wancher comes from (wan) means "everything" and (cher) means "beautiful" so Wancher signify everything and anything that is beautiful.

Pursuing our vision of discovering of hidden arts, Wancher strive to recover and promote these hidden beauties to people all over the world as well as to support the many artisans who has devoted their lift to the art.

List of products by brand WANCHER

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