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Following  general terms of sales apply on products and services put up for sale by the company named D & D ZAFEIRIOU GP.

Accepting these general terms means accepting them as a whole.

They apply for every registered order at the website and they are embedded part between the company D & D ZAFEIRIOU GP and the client. Every user entering and transacting  or using the services of the e-shop, fully accepts the following terms of use. If a user disagrees with these terms, he/she must, on his/her own responsibility, abstain from the use of the website as well as of every use of the e-shop's services.


1. Registration or Login / Personal Information

For transactions security reasons, the user of the e-shop (<<User>> or <<Customer>> from now on) must register before completing the first order and create a customer's account. In order to login or complete the registration, filling the registration form is necessary, inserting the following personal information: email address, last name, first name, gender, date of birth, full shipping address, phone number. It's the customer's responsibility to supply accurate information.

These information will remain totally confidential. Every impersonation or fake identity statement can lead to account ban and prosecution. Multiple registrations, the use of the account from others or any other misleading actions can cause account's deactivation. Customer aknowledges that he/she can bind or buy product that are sold at the website

The company declines sales to minors under the age of 16 years old, without previously receiving parental advise, which in that case will be continuously needed.

The company, following its principals concerning personal data protection which are prescribed in the law, will not proceed in any illegal - and without the customer's approve -use.

The company will not in any way reveal, publish, sell or trade the customers' personal data.

Exceptionally, customer's personal information could be published, respecting the current legislature, if it is enforced by the public authorities, courts of law etc.

The company reserves the right to use these information in order to send newsletters about new products or offers, at customers or registered users. The user can remove his newsletter registration at any time by sending an email at, asking to remove or edit his already given personal information.

The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR 2016/679), any more specific national and European legislation for certain sectors, the currently applicable Greek legislation for the protection of personal data, as well as for the protection personal data and privacy in the field of electronic communications (Law 3471/2006, as applicable) and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority (PDPA).


2. Sales - Products Pricing

Sales address to consumers having a Greek or Cyprus shipping address. VAT is included in the displayed prices, next to each product. These prices concern products that are available while stock lasts. The company reserves the right to adjust the products' prices without notice. The company commits to notify the customer via email when an ordered product is not available.


3. Order Confirmation - Sales instruction

The company is not bound by the order unless the customer receives the order confirmation as described below. The order is  considered received by the company by the time the customer receives update about order's state, with the indication <<order registration confirmation>>.

Updates concerning the order's state are displayed on the users screen and they are sent to the user's registered email address. Order's state is continuously updated while changes occur. The customer must check the <<order registration confirmation>> and inform immediately the company by email in case any error occurs, within 2 hours by the time he/she receives the <<order registration confirmation>>. In any other case, information contained in <<order registration confirmation>> will be applied according to the sale contract. Products' availability is confirmed during order's process.

In case availability or shipping time differ from the product's page information, the client will be informed. In particular, after establishing that the product is available, no errors have occurred concerning the product's features, attributes or pricing rules, the company will confirm the order as accepted and inform the customer by email. Order's content, total price and estimated shipping time, as have been already known to the customer before the checkout, will be attached in this email.

Order status changed continuously as changes occur while managing the customer's order. The customer must check the order's state and inform immediately the company by email about any error concerning the customer's order, else the information that are mentioned in the order confirmation will apply, according to the sale contract.


4. Order Delivery, free pick up from store

In case the customer chooses, while submitting the order, to pick it up from the company's store, he/she must pick up the order within 3 calendar days.

If the customer do not pick up the order within 3 calendar days, the company reserves the right to cancel the sale. In order to pick up, customer must show the order confirmation code as well as a public document confirming the customer's identification (ID, driver's license, passport).

If the customer decides to authorize a third party to pick up the order, then this third party  must carry the authorization, certified by the public authorities, as well as an appropriate identification document. Given that after the order's completion every responsibility passes to the customer's side, the customer must check the order's product at the time of pick up, as by signing the customer confirms that the product's picked up are correct.

Order delivery on customer's declared site: In case the order is sent at the customer's selected shipping address, the order's product(s) are deliver by third party associate and the customer is being informed by email that the order is about to be shipped.

Shipping cost is calculated, depending on the customer's order.

In case of shipping cost miscalculation due to customer's faulty shipping information, additional charges burden the customer, not the company.

Notice that the customer can choose to receive the order using his/her own shipping method and shipping charge. In that case, order is shipped in the customer's own risk and not the company's. In order to receive the order, the customer must show to the third party associate the order confirmation code, as well as a public document confirming the customer's identification (ID, driver's license, passport). If the customer decides to authorize a third party to receive the order, then this third party  must carry the authorization, certified by the public authorities, as well as an appropriate identification document. Given that after the order's completion every responsibility passes to the customer's side, the customer must check the order's product at the time of delivery, as by signing the customer confirms that the product's received are correct.

In case the customer do not receive the order after the courier's notice, the company reserves the right to cancel the sale.


5. Payment

Accepted order payment methods are bank wire, e-pos, cash on delivery, cash on pick up or paypal, according to the current tax legislature. The customer must pay the exact amount of product's price as well as the shipping cost.


6. Right to withdraw from remote contracts according to the Law N. 2251 / 1994 - Products Returns

The customer can easily return the order's product(s), purchased by the e-shop for any reason, within fourteen (14) days from the day of pick up / delivery.

The customer can deliver the product(s) directly to the store or ship them on the customer's own expense. In any case, when concerning online orders, the client is advised to contact the company before the return. In particular, the customer reserves the right to return products that have been purchased from the e-shop without mentioning the reasons leading the customer to this decision, under the following circumstances:

(i) Within fourteen (14) calendar days past the day the contract of provision of services, (when concerning services) or the delivery of the products (when concerning products) or the pickup of the products (when the customer chooses to pickup from store) and in case of multiple products ordered by the customer in one order and delivered separately by the shipping time of the last one, the customer reserves the right to withdraw from the sale (from now on <<withdrawal>>).

(ii) The withdrawal is unjustified and the customer must return the product(s) in exactly the same, excellent state in which the customer received it. In particular, the returning product must be unused and be <<as new>>, exactly as just before the time of the sale, in its original undamaged package. Additionally, for the successful return of the product, the original receipt or invoice must be shown by the customer who originally purchased the product and whose personal information are displayed in the receipt or invoice.

(iii) The return will only be accepted if the customer has already settled the whole amount that has burdened the company in order to ship the product to the customer, as well as the shipping cost of the return.

(iv) The withdrawal must be put in writing, by filling the relevant form and sending it to the company. The company is obligated to confirm the receipt of the withdrawal statement as soon as it receives it.

(v) The customer is obligated to return the product(s) within fourteen (14) calendar days by the time the customer announces the withdrawal to the company.

(vi) After the withdrawal statement, the company must refund the customer. In case of payment with credit / debit card, the company, if has already collected the payment from the bank, must inform the bank to cancel the transaction and the bank will proceed to every expected action. The company, after this notification, has whatsoever no further responsibility concerning the customer's refund. In case the customer has chosen <<pick up from store>>, the refund will only take place at the company's store.

(vii) The refund due to customer's withdrawal will take place within fourteen (14) calendar days by the time the company received knowledge about the customer's withdrawal, put in writing.

(viii) The customer is obligated to refund the company if made use of the product(s), further than the necessary in order to discover the nature, the features and the functionality of the product(s) within the period before the statement of withdrawal, the company reserves the right to come to an agreement with the customer to refund the customer even with mutual offsetting. In case the withdrawal concerns services, the customer is obligated to pay an amount imposed to the already supplied services by the time of the withdrawal. In case of withdrawal, any active contracts are automatically canceled, without any additional fee.

(ix) Product(s) sold with additional gift must be returned with the additional gift, else the value of the gift will be subtracted off the refund.


7. Exceptions from the right to withdraw, as explained in term 6

The right to withdraw (article 4 § ν. 2251/1994) does not apply: when the complete order amount has been paid at the company's store and additionally the products have been picked up the particular store, because the transaction is not considered to be distant. Products that have been used. Sealed products that have been unsealed after the delivery, such as unsealed consumables (inks, papers etc). Services contracts after the provision of the services is completed and since the provision started with after the customer's request and the customer's acknowledge that the right to withdraw is lost after the provision of the service is completed by the company.

Withdrawal right due to the lack of conformity of the products or lack of agreed product's features: the withdrawal described in term 6 does not include defective products or products that lack agreed features which are covered by their warranty.

In case of the company's responsibility concerning the lack of conformity of the products or lack of agreed product's features, the customer reserves the right to:

(i) demand, with no additional charge, the fix or replacement of the product, unless such action is impossible or demands disproportionally expenses,

(ii) demand cost reduction or

(iii) withdraw from the contract, unless it concerns a serious flaw. A flaw feature must be agreed in written. If the customer decides to repair or replace a flaw product, the company must repair or replace it within a reasonable timeframe. The above lawful (AK 540) customer’s rights will be lapsed after two years when it comes to mobiles. In any case, the customer has to report any flaw within the delivery day or the next working day to the company.  If a product is reported as flaw from the customer, the company reserves the right to diagnose the products state as flaw by experts.


8. Provided Information & Products

The company is committed when it comes to precision, truth and the adequacy of the information provided by the e-shop, the company’s identification, as well as every transaction taking place within the e-shop. The company has no responsibility and is not committed by incorrect information, inserted by fault and reserves the right to correct them as soon as it perceives their existence.


9. Responsibility restrictions

The company, under the context of transactions taking place in the e-shop, has no responsibility or obligation to refund any order that is damaged due to cancelation, non-implementation, or delay of execution for any reason.  Does not guaranty the availability of products displayed in the e-shop, although will inform the interested customer based on the current facts and keep him / her up to date. The e-shop supplies the context (i.e. description, names, photos) of the products provided via the website <<as is>>.

In any case, the company has no legal responsibility for any loss (positive, special or deponent, that typically and not restrictively, disjunctive or/and cumulatively consist in profit loss, given data etc.) that may incur to the customer of the e-shop or any third party from cause that has anything to do with the website’s functionality and its use or not use or in any lack of ability to provide products or/and information displayed by it or/and from any allowed interferes of other third parties on products or/and information supplied by it. The company provides neither guaranty nor protection about any product’s adequacy for special uses.


10. Products’ Photos

The products’ photos are indicative and non-representative and may have no relation to the purchased product.


11. Other

Security - SSL:

The COMPANY recognizes the importance of the security of your Personal Data as well as your electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure your maximum security. All information related to your personal information and transactions is secure and confidential. To ensure secure and private data transfer, we use SSL-256bit encryption protocol.


In any case it must be clear that the shipping time depends on products’ availability.

In case that all purchased products are not available, the customer will receive them in lots.

Force Majeure:

If, in cases of force majeure (i.e. strikes, unfavorable weather conditions etc.) the company is not able to deliver within the agreed timeframe, the customer will be notified.

Company’s Responsibility:

The company has no responsibility for flaw or low-grade quality products supplied to the customers.

Advertisements: The company provides customers the possibility to get notified about new products and special offers by newsletter or by phone.


Like most websites, our e-shop uses cookies to get access to some particular information every time the customer is navigated within it.

Without the use of cookies, it would be impossible to provide important services, such as order state, personal settings or add products to cart. Cookies are alphanumeric archives loaded to the customers’ hard drives through the internet to provide the above services.

The customers can change their browser settings to block the use of cookies or to ask permission before a new cookie is saved.

The customer must know that by blocking cookies in our company’s website will not be able to use some of our services.

Current Document’s Modifications:

The company reserves the right to modify or update the terms of use and transactions requirements. Notice that in case of modification, terms active in the order date will apply.

Current Legislature:

All transactions taking place in our website are governed by the Greek Law that adjusts issues related to the e-commerce as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (N. 2251/1994) that adjusts issues related to distant sales.

In case a dispute occurs concerning the contract between the company and the customer, Athens’ courts of law are responsible to resolve it. The protection offered by the law about distant sales contracts, as well as these terms, are applied only on transactions with individuals that transact for reasons other than their commerce, business, or freelancing activity.

In case any part of these terms proves to be invalid by the court of law, the rest of the contract will still be in effect. Every request and promulgation must be out in writing (by hand, email, fax or first class post mail, which will be delivered within 48 hours after its post).

The above displayed terms take place of informing of term 3β of Ν. 2251/1994.

Our store follows the current Code of Ethics, which you can read here.

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