Conklin Pens

Established in 1898, the Conklin Pen Company is regarded as one of the most significant and innovative American writing instruments manufacturers from the golden era of fountain pens.

Located in Toledo, Ohio, founder Roy Conklin registered the patent for the first working automatic filling mechanism in 1897 and is recognized as creating one of the worlds first practical self-filling fountain pen. The Crescent Filler soon proved to be a success world-wide.

In 1903, Mark Twain, the legendary American author, expressed the virtues of this unique self-filling fountain pen by saying, 'I prefer it to ten other fountain pens, because it carries its filler in its own stomach, and i cannot mislay even by art or intention."

Based on the original designs of earlier models, all Conklin pens are hand manufactured by artisans dedicated to producing luxury writing instruments worthy of their legendary name, with the greatest attention to detail, quality and craftmanship. Conklin pens continue to be highly valued by collectors and pen enthusiasts throughout the world.

List of products by brand CONKLIN PENS

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