El Casco

El Casco products are some of the finest in the world, and are handmade in the heart of picturesque Basque Country, in Northern Spain.

First established in 1920 as makers of firearms, El Casco converted their experience into designing and manufacturing fine, luxury desk accessories at the end of the Spanish civil war.

Each and every piece is made with care, polished a minimum of six times and are also plated with three different metals. Not a single rivet is used in the production of their articles - and therefore can be completely disassembled. This unique way of working allows their users to enjoy El Casco pieces generation after generation. El Casco products come with a lifetime guarantee against defective workmanship.

This is how confident they are of the quality of their work. These beautiful, classic designs, some of which date from the 1930's, form part of an exquisite collection made for everyone...

List of products by brand EL CASCO

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