Wancher Sekai Aizu Urushi Ebony fountain pen

Wancher Sekai Aizu Urushi Ebony fountain pen

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The Sekai fountain pen is born from the aspiration to be connected and peaceful like the World Tree in many mythologies. This collection embraces the idea of connecting the world with the arts.

The base materials of the Sekai fountain pen have been carefully selected from natural precious woods from all over the world such as Ebony and Sandalwood. It is then crafted with traditional arts such as Urushi or Maki-e. The Sekai Aizu Urushi fountain pen is made in Fukushima, Japan using the Aizu Urushi technique. Aizu Urushi is one of the oldest and most famous lacquerware techniques in Japan. Originated from Aizu - a region of heavy snowfalls, Aizu Urushi has a history of over 9000 years. Every single Sekai Aizu Urushi fountain pen is hand-painted with Suki-Urushi (translucent) by skillful craftsmen with many years of experience. The raw urushi has a light amber color but it becomes more transparent when time passes by. The reason why our artisans use transparent urushi is that it allows us to see the beautiful wood surface underneath. With many layers of urushi applied, after a long period of 6 months, 1 year or more, your fountain pen will get more glossy and unveil the beautiful texture of natural wood.

Filling mechanism: Converter (included) or Cartridge (European International Standard)

Nib: #6 Jowo stainless steel

Feed: Plastic

Compact air-tight cap: Preven dried-out ink problem

Length closed in cm: 14

Length of the cap in cm: 6,5

Length of the body in cm: 12,8

Central diameter in cm: 1,32

Weight in gr: 23

The Sekai Aizu Urushi fountain pen was hand-crafted with the Nurippanashi technique, which only a highly experienced artisan can execute. Since no polishing step is required, sometimes it might leave the surface with a few uneven dots or show the wood texture. *Please do not mistake this with defects.*

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